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Disneyland Halloween 2018: Spooky-Fun Activities You Won’t Want to Miss!

For many, Halloween is a time to dress up and go from door-to-door to collect tasty treats. Others like to pull ghoulish pranks. Then there are some folks who treat Halloween as any other day. For Disney fanatics, Halloween brings both a spooky and jolly good time at Anaheim’s Disneyland park.

From September 7 through October 31, Disneyland will not only be decked out in Halloween decor and have revamped rides along with limited edition treats but also have a plethora of great activities around the park!

Here are the top Halloween Disneyland activities:

Mainstreet Pumpkin Festival

To start off your night, head on over to Mainstreet U.S.A. for their all-famous pumpkin display. With hundreds of beautifully-carved Jack-o-Lanterns, your eyes won’t know where to stop. Rumor has it that no two pumpkins featured in this display are completely alike. For a keepsake, take a selfie or snap a family portrait around the army of pumpkins.

Vampirina Meet-and-Greet (New!)

Be sure to look out for Vampirina, a star from Disney Junior. She is a new character apart of Disneyland’s annual Halloween event. From her blue skin, to her batwing-shaped pigtails, to her spiderweb dress, you’ll know her when you see her!

Disney’s Happiest Haunts Tour

If you’re brave enough, dare to go on Disney’s 2.5-hour-long Happiest Haunts Tour. On this long tour, you’ll be directed around the park to receive an in-depth historical perspective of the Haunted Mansion and what influenced its creation.

On your spooky tour, you’ll receive a special souvenir name tag, a sprinkled cookie, a limited edition trading pin, and a FastPass to the Haunted Mansion.

Because the tour is slow and has an emphasis on history, children may not enjoy this activity.

Get reservations for the tour here.

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

If you want to get the full effect of Halloween at Disneyland, you’re going to want to attend Mickey’s Halloween Party. This after-hours event features a separate admission to both the Disneyland and California Adventure parks.

Here are the highlights of Mickey’s Halloween Party:

Frightfully Fun Parade

Hosted by Minnie and Mickey is Disneyland’s annual Frightfully Fun Parade, which will only take place 15 times this year.

Prior to watching the parade, opt for a freaky feast at the Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square. The dinner is composed of a 3-course meal featuring New Orleans-styled favorites from “Cursed Pirate” Fried Octopus and Calamari to Jambalaya. Enjoy your meal while receiving an optimal view of the parade.

The parade itself kicks off with a haunting unit, the Headless Horseman Rides Again. Throughout the bash, you’ll also witness your favorite Disney villains including Jafar, the Evil Queen, Cruella De Vil, Ursula, and more!

The parade, while it has some eerie elements and spine-tingling acting, also features dancing and lively music, along with Minnie and Mickey themselves. The latter make the parade suitable for the whole family as these help detract from some of the scarier aspects of the show.

(Please note that only those in attendance at Mickey’s Halloween Party will be able to see the parade.)

Halloween Screams Fireworks

What’s a Disneyland visit without some fireworks? Since Halloween is inching closer, Disneyland went the extra mile to amp up their firework show as well, making it just a bit more spooky.

Head on over early near the Sleeping Beauty Castle to claim the best view for the firework show. The show doesn’t just showcase Halloween-friendly fireworks but also animations featuring a fun storyline along with hair-raising music. While watching, be on the lookout for projections of your favorite Disney villains!

(Please note that only those in attendance at Mickey’s Halloween Party will be able to see these fireworks.)

Disney Villains and Pals Character Greetings

Your favorite Disney villains along with your beloved Disney characters decked out in Halloween costumes will be happy to greet you with a ghastly smile! While you’re at it, be sure to take pictures to capture memories.

(Please note that only those in attendance at Mickey’s Halloween Party will be able to engage in certain character greetings.)


You can forget good ole trick-or-treating! Dress up in your best costume, and collect goodies around the park at special treat-dispensing stations from September 19 to October 31.

For children with food allergies or other dietary restrictions, there will be allergy-friendly treats available at some locations for convenience. If applicable, ask for a special allergy-designated treat bag. You’ll also receive a menu with the ingredients listed in the allergy-friendly treats just to be on the safe side.

Before heading off to Disneyland for a spooktacular Halloween, be sure to check Disney’s costume guidelines.

(Please note that only those in attendance at Mickey’s Halloween Party will be able to engage in trick-of-treating around the park.)

If you’re interested in attending Mickey’s Halloween Party, be sure to snatch your tickets quickly!


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